Thursday, April 29, 2021

These Spiritual Realities

   John, not the Baptist, but John of Patmos, spoke of the importance of the word in his the telling of the Genesis account. The most telling is his calling the word God. But how can a word be God? Because words as with all things spiritual are unseen, and, once written or spoken are eternal. In reality there are two lives we live right now. One is the physical, the flesh and blood self that bleeds when you cut it. This runs parallel with our spiritual selves beginning at the moment of birth, running with and along side of our eternal self until the moment of our physical death. The physical body rots away eventually returning ashes from ashes. But what of our eternal self, our spiritual self, what is to become of that? That is a hard question, and many factors come into play. If life eternal is a lie, then all that we were in this world lies in the dirt with which your body was buried. Hopefully you'll become a good fertilizer for some nice flowers? But life like death is eternal, so the question remains as to what is to become of us once our spirit leaves our rotting bodies behind? I think the answer lies in what or in who we chose to follow, and in what we put our trust. What was our foundation constructed of, was our base for security placed on other people's thoughts and opinions, or are we so self important that we thought of ourselves as our god? No matter your political views, many people are afraid and feel lost and alone, and by just looking at our current reality, who can blame them? To whom or on what do you turn to when your fears become reality? 

  As for myself, my biggest fear is for my grandchildren, that they will be governed by an administration who knowingly or not is in the infancy stage of all out tyranny. For you it may be the fear of death from the Corona virus. Both are huge problems, made worse of course by a media whose bottom line grows by their stoking the fire of those fears. It is at times like these that we must admit that there is no remedy from men that can solve this. The problems are just too large, and for some, that fear has grown to the feeling of helplessness. And we know that the cure for this two pronged dilemma is beyond what we can solve. What then? God waits, His promise still valid as spoken when He said, If my people will humble themselves and pray to me, I will heal their land. Trust God, for He is like solid granite, and on this base you can stand safely against any and all adversaries. Though the storm may rage all around you, you are safe, safe in the safest place there is, safe with God. What will it take, how much more has to happen before you first, recognize him, and two choose to go with him and follow Jesus. The only way to live in the eternal realm is to be where God is, and the only way to get there is through His son, Jesus Christ. 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Hello America

   Hello America, how've you been, long time no see. As a citizen of this country, your opinion matters. Everyones opinion matters, it's like that in a free society. Whether or not you are among those who get to read this, sadly that is someone else's decision. I'm writing this one for a number of reasons, primarily though, just to post something again, as it had been a long time. Such thinking should not be a reality, but the truth is that the truth is under attack, and at this point in time, those who look to tear down this great country seem to be winning? But in a private moment, while in prayer I might ad, the Lord said to me at one point, What do you care who and how many people get to read it? Because for those who are meant to not only hear it but understand it, these will hear it, and hearts will be changed. I was reminded when He said this of the scripture which tells us that God's voice will never return void. 

  It is at times like these that can make you wish you didn't have free will. God forbid. What we as one nation, we as a people, are being tested. It is always through trials and tribulations where our best or our worst come out. All of us on either side of anything, choose by our will. But this decision is as clear as can be, never have the two sides of a subject been so obvious. 

  You must keep in mind what I've written of before. This is like no other war in our history because this is a spiritual war. A raging though unseen spiritual battle, that we can get a physical glance at as we see the leftist terrorists burning our cities. If all this spiritual talk scares you and makes you uncomfortable, good, it should! Do you really think that words can't hurt? The old children's poem should read that, Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can crush a spirit. Be careful what you say, always speak the truth, but to the best of your ability, speak it in love. 

  Never use violence, but do not be complacent with evil. The evil ones are those who look to take away our freedom. Though all that I've said is true, and because it falls on us to fight it, we as Americans must finally unite and fight the enemy with their own tools. For one, and this one should be easy. Want to fight against the rich and powerful? We can do it and win. People are power, the most people is more powerful. You have to hit them in their wallets, A lot of ad money will be spent on the MLB all star game. Don't watch it. When the ratings come in, and they count the cost, it'll be a long time before big anything caves to the minority. The mob is really just a few milk toast white fools. Stand up fop America!  


Sunday, March 7, 2021

This Day

     When I think of it, looking back with 20/20 hindsight, I could never see any reasoning why with all those posts, a couple of thousand of them, I had only one person comment. Good comments, bad ones, something? But my frustration has given way to understanding. With the anger and the division out there? well, let's just say that the truth is no longer wanted. So probably, no matter the reason for the filter which kept them all out, again, looking back with perfect vision, it was a good thing. There would have been those trained to hate, but even good people can get hurt by the truth. Truth is the solid granite block in the room, there is just no getting around it. Amazing in the Strange Department, but people fear truth and freedom. Oh they'll speak of it in glowing terms, but when it comes right down to it, many people when faced with such absolutes in any setting, steer clear because it is a sobering moment. The children of the second generation are foolish, and easily led. 

  Get them while they're young, the indoctrination must be sure to catch all media, subtle at first, and increased in the boldness of the moment. The problem for them is that there is no base. They change as the newest fad is just around the corner. But for the people of God there are no such limitations. Being free, following someone or something is an option, but to chase the latest foolish lesson, and bend your knee to this, this the dumbest religion in world history! And believe me, there are a lot of dumb religions. You see, following Jesus is not a religion, it is a relationship.  

  This may well be an exercise in futility, as I am an old white man, who not only reads the Bible, but believe it is the unerred word of God. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Merry Christmas

  It is hard to feel merry about anything these days because of what is going on outside, what with a disease that like everything else, is fast becoming more political than scientific. Unfortunately,  now that all things are political, I must be mindful of my words and phrasing so as to Try, to not offend someone. Sometimes it seems as if we are all victims of some sort, all of us labeled as to our group, and given to praise or ridicule depending on our beliefs. It seems that we are all victims just waiting for classification and placement into a group of like challenged people. In other words, when writing anything, you must stay within the parameters set by others, whose job it is that we not use any forbidden words or phraseology. Unfortunately, in today's world, it is next to impossible to say anything that someone will not see as political, and depending on your political pedigree, you will feel enraged or comforted by those words. The power of words, language, and the proper use of that language, can exhort the human heart and cause hope to rise, or, to speak evil of another, giving way to isolation, loneliness and depression. Why else would you think the apostle John would call Jesus "The Word"? Wars don't come unless ignited by words, and likewise peace comes from words as in the scripture, Come let us reason together. I must say that I do not like writing in such a way in an article written to praise God for His incredible gift to all people, with the berth of His Son Jesus, but unfortunately, that is near impossible as most everything, even a disease, is reduced to politics. In injecting politics into any conversation, it is much the same as dumping a bottle of pure black ink into a beaker of pure fresh mountain water. Just a drop of it spoils the pure water, rendering it undrinkable. Believe it or not, I am trying to leave politics out of this, because, just as with our ink and water example, it can foul the water. Thankfully, we have a filter. 

  I love this country, and remain extremely proud of our nation. Jesus also loves this country, as He was and still is, the foundation on which this country born. After-all, it is in God we trust, that is written on our money. The Capital and so many of the federal buildings, statues and monuments, have Biblical scripture chiseled into the stone work. Only twice in our history was the horror of war realized on this land. The Revolutionary war that freed us from the English, and a way more expensive war when you consider lives lost, our Civil war fought to free all people. Other than those two times, America has never known war on our shores, no bombs fell on our cities and on our people. And that is a pretty good thing considering there were two world wars mixed into many smaller conflicts over the years. We who grew up in this country never gave any serious consideration to our country falling to the type of governments we fought against in those wars. When it came to our nation falling to a foreign power, we felt safe and secure in the fact that we were much too powerful to fall to another country. In that, we all felt safe and secure. That is until now, in this point of history, the tyrants who so wanted our demise would say openly, and work secretly, to bring about our downfall from within. And with our current political reality, all Americans, no matter their political pedigree no longer feel safe and secure, but rather now, the threat of losing our Democratic Republic, and embracing the ideology of the very type of government that both Republican and Democrats fought against, and for which, many millions across the world died. The question is, would we choose freedom, or, would you rather live under the boot of the same type of people we ran from so long ago? Choosing to cross the ocean in little wooden boats wanting only freedom, Coming to this land this new continent, with the dream to settle a new nation. A Nation whose people needed no overlord, but resolved to rule themselves. 

  If ever there was a time when the world needed Christmas and peace on earth, it's now! Thanks to the Father's wonderful gift to the world, we can return to a time of sanity, a time of peace, and yes, a time when we can feel safe and secure that our country will always remain free, and that no power, no enemy, foreign or domestic, will ever take our freedom! I pray Father that our churches are full, and for each family and group no matter the size, humble themselves, get down on bended knee and pray God forgive this nation our sins, and that He have mercy on us still. Please do that in whatever way is comfortable, pray in a group, or pray alone. Because the country we all know and love is in danger and Father has promised that If my people will humble themselves and pray to me I will heal their land. God is that beaker of pure fresh water, and we are the ink, and so because purity must be maintained, Jesus is the filter through which are lives are poured so that we are able to partake of the cool pure water of life. Jesus is the reason for the season. So celebrate His birthday, remember it is His day, even though God the Father gave His Son to us at that first christmas, we should honor and praise Him all the more this Christmas. Because, just as Isaiah prophesied 800 years before His berth, Isaiah 9:6  Unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given; And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  Merry Christmas all!