Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Acts (author: Luke)

   The bible being a living entity, is like all things, cyclical in nature. It is the Words of God in a book. Hence the life, because He is Life. They are his words directly at times, and though we do not know his thoughts, we can see the logic of his thinking, as we look back with 20/20 hindsight. As with all life, there must be a beginning, and so the bible begins with its first book, Genesis. Moses is the author of this book, as he transcribes what God tells him about the beginnings of all, and the beginnings of civilization. Jesus' disciple John pens one of the gospels, as did Luke, the writer of Acts, but this John also wrote the book that tells of the ends, the Revelations of Jesus Christ. Hint; If the bible were to be a belt, Jesus would be the belt's buckle. 

  For those of you who have read this far, and are still not sure what I'm talking about, I apologize. Acts is a book in the bible. Why they call it Acts I don't know, but I think of it as an abbreviation for action. For in this book, we are formally introduced to the Holy Spirit, and in this book with its telling of the upper room scene, we see the first steps of the church that Jesus established. So back to the belt analogy, A belt unworn is flat and straight, but to make it round, cyclical, it must have a fastened belt. By buckling that belt, we tie the old to the new, Jesus is the centerpiece of this belt. The true triune nature of God becomes clear in Luke's short book. You see, without Jesus, the cycle, or the circle of life of the living bible makes no sense, and we that follow His teachings are wasting our time. Though the book of Acts is not physically in the center of the bible, being as a buckle it is. It ties what was before to what is, and what it is, to that which is to come, and so in my mind at least, the book of Acts is the center of the bible. The time that transpires between the beginning and the end is by far the longest, and it is still going on today, as Jesus promises after his death as he ascended into heaven, that he would one, leave himself as the Holy Spirit to teach us, and that two: He will come back, returning to the earth in glory, strength, and Power.  

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Apathy part two

  There was a time not too long ago. when Democrats and Republicans shared the core beliefs that made the United States the great country that we are. We shared common enemies, and those enemies were not ourselves. A time when whoever sat in the Whitehouse made little difference, we all got along, and generally speaking, had respect for each other. But today unfortunately, that is no longer the case. The coming election is as is important, if not more so, than the election of President Lincoln, because as was the Lincoln election, who we would be as a nation hung in the balance. With the Lincoln election, the country would decide whether or not to make slavery illegal throughout the land. In this one, The decision is whether or not to reject our Republic and become a socialist state. Think that words are not important? It used to be that Democrats labeled themselves as liberals which included the bleeding heart variety, then it was progressive, tax and spend and titles like that were common. But now it is obvious that the core of that once great party is socialism. No more hiding behind the words and titles mentioned above. 

  A question was posed by a well respected woman to Benjamin Franklin as he came out of a meeting where they were fine tuning our Constitution, when she asked, Sir, What have we got, a Republic or a Monarchy? Franklin answered and said, A Republic Madam, if you can keep it. Those are the stakes, this election is that important. This is about far more than which party wins, this is about the survival of our great country. Like it or not, this is an obvious choice. Vote Republican and choose to keep our Republic, or vote for the Democrats who have been taken over by socialists. Again, with just a little research you will see that socialism has never worked, and that socialism begets communism or it begets fascism. There is no room in this one for apathy, and for you evangelicals out there, don't use the excuse that God is in control. Though that is true, it doesn't mean that you need not worry about being a good citizen. America, do a little research, think for yourselves, and vote!

Apathy Part One

   Everyone is wondering, how could it come to this, how did it get so bad? Apathy in a word. You can check it out in a dictionary, but basically it means to not care enough; to take things for granted. We all suffer from it in one form or another, its easy to get lazy, and just assume that whatever it is that needs doing, that someone is doing it. This malady is how we got here,  because as citizens, we should be following the important items in life. Boring I know, but necessary as a good citizen. My wife and I were so apathetic, that we didn't even vote until our mid forties. I think the first president we voted for was Bill Clinton. Why? We thought he was cool because he played a saxophone on one of the late night shows. Thats about as much thought as we put into it, now thats apathy! 

  Imagine buying a top of the line sports car, and never checking your oil? Obviously that makes no sense, but now more than ever, it takes even less sense to take no interest in your government. Afterall, it is your government, our Constitution is to and for, We the People, not we the government. If you ever come to realize how much power that we collectively have you'd be amazed. This country is vastly different than others in that we are not beholden to any group or centralized form of government. We are beholden to God, and only God. One nation, under God, many people as one, E Pluribus Unum. 

  But somehow along the way we lost sight of that truth, it is as if everything got flipped upside down. There was a time when you could afford a little apathy, as even with two world wars, a great depression, we came out of it stronger than ever. Please Lord, don't let me add fuel to the fire. But the time of feelings getting hurt, being more important than the plain solid rock truth, can no longer be tolerated.  There has only been one election in our history as important as is this one. That being the election of Abraham Lincoln that freed the slaves. Let the record show that Lincoln was a Republican. Again, do some research check out resistance to Jim Crowe, check out the resistance to school busing, in short, know what your talking about and vote accordingly. Check out Robert Byrd, one of Mr. Biden's best friends, in short, know what your talking about before you vote.  I'm running out of room, so I guess They'll be a second part. Speaking the truth in love is a hard thing to do, because sometimes the truth hurts, but keep in mind that it is an equal opportunity offender. 

Monday, August 17, 2020


  The problem with UFO's is that they are unidentified. Just what are these things we see in the night sky? Visions we see while star gazing has been going on since the beginning of civilization. Etchings of what appears to be some kind of craft have been found on the walls of caves. So what are these things, where do they come from, and of course, are we alone? If not alone, are there other superior civilizations somewhere out in the vastness of the Cosmos? 

  In modern times, strange sightings of lights, craft like visions, even people who believe that they were taken up into one of these crafts and been probed and tested have been described by some, though these people are never taken seriously, but still the reports come in.  There are people from all over the globe who believe that not only are we not alone, but that these aliens walk among us. 

  For the most part, these strange events are easily explained as some natural event. I could have sworn I saw one a lot of years before. Of course it looked like a disc, with spinning colored lights running horizontally across the middle. Turns out it was a blimp with ads running across the middle. Hence in modern times, these sightings and reports of sightings have been largely ignored. We all kind of think of these people as being similar to old lonely farmers out in their fields having just finished their last jug of homemade hooch. Now, more recently, the reports have come from pilots, even our highly trained military pilots have tracked and sometimes filmed by these events. What of these? These men are not drunk, but rather professionally trained, and not apt to come up with outrageous stories. As it is, they get teased by their brethren a lot. The reports from the pilots are by far the most compelling. Because if what they saw did and were capable of doing what has been reported that they did, did in fact, happen. The fetes of flying that they can do routinely, defy every law of Physics as we understand it. Once,  and this one was observed by more than one jet. This high speed object they were tracking, suddenly stopped and hovered shortly, before darting straight up and far out of sight! Perhaps the problem is that we look at these things limited by physical law. Paraphrasing Einstein, the perfection of the universe leaves one thinking that perhaps their is a supreme race of some sort, only fools would dismiss a Creator, and by that, severely limits his thinking. The spiritual realm exists, and it runs along side that of each of our lives, until the end of our lives. After your spirit leaves you're body, it is free to roam, it can even fold back his time on earth, and revisit their past. That is, if they want to. But looking at this life from the eternal perspective. they are but a whiff of smoke. 

  Anyway, back to the subject, whenever you're thinking Area 51 type thoughts, don't leave the spiritual dimension out of the possibilities. Only fools refuse to reject such possibilities, more each day, from every kind of science discipline are concluding that all equations lead to infinity, all lead to a creator, all come to know that all who outright deny the truth are becoming like so much static, like the banging of gongs.        

Friday, July 31, 2020

Tested Truths: The Heart

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