Friday, June 14, 2019

Tested Truths: A Rare Breed

Tested Truths: A Rare Breed:     A manuscript is whats' needed, a way so each will know how to fall into place. Order sir he thundered, we must have order. And so w...

A Rare Breed

    A manuscript is whats' needed, a way so each will know how to fall into place. Order sir he thundered, we must have order. And so we shall dear Julius, so we shall. But I also must warn you sir, against using force as a way to bring about change. Remember, that true change can only occur with love, not with fear. Oh but you always ring so sanctimonious Lord, when it comes to matters of love. But I say Lord, Julius continued, that most people are as dumb as sheep, and will wait to follow whoever leads, and with types like this, what matter is it how they come to drink, but only that they do? 

  This is a part of a conversation between two men locked in a battle for a way of correct persuasion. And both, being honorable men, did the things they did, and thought the things they thought for the best of reasons. Each firmly believed that they did and thought as they do, for the good of others, rather than themselves. Putting others before yourself denotes integrity about that person, that stands as a testament of their selflessness and their honor. 

  We need more men like this, more strong and moral leaders, more of the type of man who is trustworthy, a man who lets his yes mean yes, (unless proven wrong), and his no means no. A man with whom no contact need be drawn up, the type of man who will look you in the eye and shake you hand, and that is all the bond necessary. A man of truth. We have a President in office now who far from perfect, does what he does, in spite of the many who spew hatred at every twist and turn. A man, who if you're honest with yourself, had absolutely nothing to gain from any of this. Unlike the professional politicians, he was a muti-millionaire before the office.  He was already quite famous, seriously, what was in it for him? Nothing is the obvious answer, but why then? Why would a man subject himself and his family to this constant barrage of hatred? 

Maybe, just maybe, you might consider that he does it because he really does care deeply about this country and her people. If you just can't see yourself doing that, how about out of respect for the office, if not the man? These are volatile times WE must pull together as one, united as one, woven from the finest fabrics in the world.    E Pluribus Unum       

Monday, June 3, 2019

Tested Truths: Religion, part two

Tested Truths: Religion, part two:   Saul, (Paul), see the book of Acts, was taken as member in good stead with the Sanhedrin, a Jew, and with a full Roman citizenship, was s...

Religion, part two

  Saul, (Paul), see the book of Acts, was taken as member in good stead with the Sanhedrin, a Jew, and with a full Roman citizenship, was sent by our Lord to work his way to Rome itself, all while spreading the gospel, and teaching early Jewish converts about these new believers, and this as an extension of their own religion to the non Jews who need not be made to go through circumcision, nor were they subject to the dietary taboos as set forward by the Torah. In short, they would be free from such things, both Jew and gentile. This was a very hard teaching, because the people were led to worship the law, rather than its' giver. 

  Fast forward to the 21st century, and its' impossible to some believers that rock and roll music isn't evil, or that, should you choose to have a beer at home while watching the ball game on TV, you won't go to hell. Religion is needed greatly as a way of laying that strong foundation, and it is important as a way to gauge yourself and your actions with others. But beyond that, especially in the matters of the Spirit, a dead law is of little or no use. The two things that scare the new Pharisees who now emerge from the Christian ranks, are the truth, even though they understand it in concept, and freedom. People speak glowingly of freedom, but the truth is, when they meet someone who is free, they are taken aback! And yet, by the way they claim to follow, the Bible, they are reassured that when Jesus sets you free, that you are free indeed. 

  But again, and just to be rock solid on this point, both groups who know the Lord and follow Him in their way, both the law lovers, and the Spirit lovers, come together as one, at the wide spread arms of the cross. So in a way I suppose, this is a call for peace between the two sides. The world is more openly evil than it has ever been, as they now look to openly, and unashamedly murder the babies. The good news? Our God and Savior Jesus Christ has never been closer. Now is the time to come together Christian, now is Not the time to squabble over the scraps of doctrine. There is a battle outside that is raging, the monster is just outside the gate, and we his people can only defeat this newly emboldened enemy united as one people under God. Alone, each of us is called to speak the truth in love, but also to not only be aware of, but to keep a keen eye out for the evil that looks to divide us.  Amen  

Tested Truths: Religion

Tested Truths: Religion:   Religion in all of its' forms have been a bane of society from their beginnings. Wars and all kind of men doing harm to other men, me...


  Religion in all of its' forms have been a bane of society from their beginnings. Wars and all kind of men doing harm to other men, men who have claimed their allegiance to a religion as justification for all manner of murder and mayhem. As a quick departure from the main subject, do not believe that I speak now only of the Islamist uprisings. It wasn't too long ago where the terrorists called themselves Christians, killed other Christians because they did not believe in their religion. The problem is that in its actual sense, religion is the doctrines of men. Men are flawed, and therefore religion too is flawed. If I were to say to you, I am a Christian. You might well ask, what type? Are you a Catholic, or are you from many of the Protestant offshoots that came from it? As a Protestant, you might be a Lutheran, an Episcopalian, or maybe one of those bible teaching churches like Baptist. In other words, what religion are you? Simply put and truthfully, a Christian is a follower of Jesus. Being social beings by nature, we look to surround ourselves with like minded people. And once that group is established, our natural reaction is to seek out leaders for those groups, because generally speaking, people want to be led, content to just follow the crowd, leave the tough choices and decisions to others. 

  There is nothing new with religions, new ones seem to pop up all the time. Science in general, or more specifically, evolutionists, there are those we see on our TV screens who's religion is politics. For the record, true Science and Creationism, compliment each other, not contradict each other. In short, though the religions of the godless are many, let us keep our focus on the religions who do claim to follow a supreme being, those who profess to know God. The problem for both camps is that pride is the culprit, we love to give ourselves the credit for achievement. Whether that credit be given for some scientific accomplishment, our physical skills at work or at play, whatever, our natural inclination is to pat ourselves on the back and reflect on just how superior we are, and the same is true in amongst God's people. There is never a lack of someone who is eager to point out your short comings as he or she sees them. Be careful of these Christian, because no matter how well intended their critique of your walk, keep in mind that it is your walk, yours and your Savior's. Religion like the law is necessary, but dead when done as a way to impress someone other than the Lord with your commitment to Him. What religion attempts to do is guide a person in the way they should go, in order to become holy. Focus reminder, Christianity is not a religion but a relationship. Religions, all of them, are the law. There is a place for the law, being dead, it makes for the perfect foundation, on which to build your personal relationship with the Living God. No one faced more resistance to the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of Wisdom, than did Paul of Tarsus, and that resistance came in the name of the law.     End Part One

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Tested Truths: The meaning of Life

Tested Truths: The meaning of Life:   If it isn't that, it will be another. And sometimes the that of which we were so concerned, was not nearly as bad as the other, which...