Monday, September 30, 2019

Tested Truths: Imagine That

Tested Truths: Imagine That:   What might have things been like if Hillary had won? What would have happened to the people, had we by our vote, signed up for what would...

Imagine That

  What might have things been like if Hillary had won? What would have happened to the people, had we by our vote, signed up for what would have been the biggest mistake in our history. You don't need to be a tin foiled capped wild eyed conspiracist to know that our lives  would not have been good had that vote gone the other way, and that we might well have put the final nail in our own coffins. 

  To the progressives, her being elected would have been a step in the right direction, but solely because she had a vagina. Not because of what she stood for, and who she was as a candidate, but just because she was a woman?!? As you look back with 20/20 hindsight, you can understand why she was so astonished by her loss. Afterall, it was her turn and she had been promised it. Politicians have always counted on the apathy of the American people. Even though Mr. Obama is half white, he was elected because he was accepted as our first black president, and for that reason only, as he had no prior experience, other than a position in the city of Chicago. When you think of it honestly, voting because of someones race or gender is sexist and racist. Our officials should be elected by the content of their character, and not because of their skin color or their gender. But in many ways, the Obama administrations' obsession with domestic affairs, and their complete mishandling of world affairs were just what was needed to wake up the sleeping giant, as to this steady march to socialist ideology. For the first two years, he held all three branches of the government, and could have done anything. But instead he chose to put all his energy into the beginnings os socialized medicine. Other than his trip early on to bow before the kings of the middle east, the administrations agenda concentrated on domestic issues. It seemed that they looked to thank the American people for living out the full measure of our creed by electing a man of color, by accusing us of racism. Besides this, when the country recoiled at the beheadings and other unspeakable horrors done by religious fanatics, we were lectured about being homophobic. The final straw of course was after 9/11 two when four Americans were slaughtered after a 13 hour gun fight, and our Ambassador dragged across a dirty linoleum tile floor The absolute bias of the press became apparent then too, as many carried no reporting at all of this huge international story, and the few in the main stream media that did used on average less than twenty minutes on the story. That is why so many people had no idea such a thing had happened, they weren't told. 

  About this time, the American people finally woke up, and the need for a  Donald Trump type as President was born. But Mr. Trump not only exposed the Democrats and their hypocrisy, but the entire Washington elite swamp from both parties. It is no secret that both the right and the left is fed up with this do nothing Congress. What is needed badly is term limits! What would the special interest groups do, whose hand would the lobbyists grease if they couldn't be sure from election to election who would be in power. Wanna have some fun? Look up to see what these junior congress people were worth when they first got elected, and you'll find that most retire millionaires, with a solid gold retirement package. Want to see true bipartisan agreement? Start petitioning your elected officials to put term limits up for a vote as a referendum. Suddenly you'd see that not only can they reach across the isle, but a small kiss and a little hugging wouldn't become an odd but common sight. 100% cooperation, Imagine that..     

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Tested Truths: A morning prayer,

Tested Truths: A morning prayer,:   Good morning Lord, how wonderful it is to greet you in the early morning. You are wondrous in all of your ways, and so I follow awe struc...

A morning prayer,

  Good morning Lord, how wonderful it is to greet you in the early morning. You are wondrous in all of your ways, and so I follow awe struck, and amazed that you would hear my prayer. 

  When I am with you, everything about you brings peace of mind, for it is in You that I put my trust. Though they snicker and scheme about me, and look to bring on all manner of calamity, it is You who protects me. I watch and wonder about many things, and many times during those times of thought, You bring me understanding of what is about to occur, before hand, so there is no surprise. I am aware, because You made me aware. Forgive me Father that sometimes it seems to be such a burden, but you understand my weakness, and You have mercy, and give me strength. I have no real plans, nor a set direction of my own, and so I follow you. 

  Good morning oh Wonder of wonders, how marvelous are all of your ways.  Amen, 

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Tested Truths: Heaven

Tested Truths: Heaven:   The vision of Heaven that I held for a long time was sort of like that song lyric "returning back to the garden", as in the gar...


  The vision of Heaven that I held for a long time was sort of like that song lyric "returning back to the garden", as in the garden of Eden. And in Genesis, we know that Adam and Eve lived in this perfect Garden, and even strolled together with the Lord in the cool of the evenings. Walking and talking with Jesus, I look forward to it. But having come recently from this life, I'd probably ask something stupid like, Lord, whats the deal with mosquitoes parasites and suicide gnats that fly in your eyes, couldn't this world have done without that? Imagine, I'd be standing in the presence of all knowledge, and I ask him about bugs? 

  So if you were to give it some thought, what do you think Heaven will be like? Believer or not, have you ever wondered what a place of perfect peace and happiness would look like? Besides what it looks like, what will our new bodies look like? Believe me, I don't know either, but I have gone with a variation of Jesus' upper room self. Whatever Heaven will be like, we know that we will never shed another tear, never again feel alone, have nothing to fear, no sickness, Perfect! 

  But just to give you a snapshot from the bible as to how Heaven will look. I had heard that the streets were paved with gold, so that made sense, I figured gold bullion bars in my mind, but boy was I wrong! Those solid gold streets are made of 100% pure translucent gold, like golden glass! The 12 gates that surround Heaven are each made from one giant pearl. Like a beautiful sculpture from solid stone, a gate carved from solid pearl. (Rev. 21:21)

  Much must happen before we can claim eternal life in Heaven as a resident must occur, but for those of us who Know Him, Jesus himself has promised it, so we know two things. We know it is true, and we look forward to it. As for you nay sayers? Imagine the most peaceful and perfect place you can for as long as you can. Free your mind to think on peaceful things, and give up negativity for a day. You'll enjoy the time spent, I promise.   

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Do onto others

  The essence of being cool is being who you are. Unashamedly, without apology, You. In being you, there is only one rule. If in being you it will cause some kind of heartache to another, don't do it. Other than that, the sky is the limit! 

  Most of us are too worried much of the time, worrying about what other people think. People, I tell you the truth, it is a waste of time and causes negativity. 

  Within the confines of civility, there is plenty of room to have fun. But here's the thing, if you are a citizen of good standing, feel free to be you. If being you makes some people see you as a weirdo, so what, who needs em! Be you and don't worry. Just do onto others as you would have them do onto you.