Monday, June 1, 2020

Tested Truths: Today

Tested Truths: Today:   So here we all are today, and we all know what tomorrow brought back then. We also know what type of people we are, and that united, we c...


  So here we all are today, and we all know what tomorrow brought back then. We also know what type of people we are, and that united, we can even beat back the scourge of a pandemic. Speaking of, (the pandemic), I guess it is officially over, that is as far as the press is concerned. Social distancing, rules about masks? Now what? 

  The silver lining of the pandemic, is that when our priorities are right, and we come together united as one, we can be amazingly quite unselfish when it comes to protecting human life. We did what we were told, and untold thousands of lives were saved. We knew it would hurt our economy, and we knew how dangerous life can be. In short we did the right thing, we chose life over money. We also knew that united for a cause common to us all, that we had and still have the ability to replenish our resources, and return to our place as a leader of the economic engine that so empowered us. In short, We will rebuild and make it better than it was. 

  Think of what we went through, and how we not only survived, but thrived! A failed political coup, a pandemic, and now this! When I first viewed the horror of that killing, and the fact that it was a white cop, and the young man black, My heart sank as I saw all this progress we made dim into a flickering ember.  That which once was, a raging inferno of progress and hope. The American people had awoken, things like patriotism were no longer corny, you might say we had our swag back, we believed in ourselves, people were filled with hope, as we woke to the fact that We are the government, and those politicians work for us, we would choose the path and they would legislate us according to the paths we chose. 

  So my prayer then?, and I hope your's too, that we would come together again, certainly righting this horrible wrong who.. Can you imagine dealing with the fact that you not only murdered an innocent man, but you may also have murdered a country? Please people, we have come too far to go back. Justice be served, and this policeman pay the full penalty. A murder was committed, on that we can all agree, but if after all we've been through, including a Pandemic, we as a people shall not let this dissuade us either. Because when you come right down to it, look way beyond the politics that will be played from any end, and understand the simplicity of it. When the dust clears and the chatter dies down, there are only two points of view, two ways to go. There is evil and there is good, and we all have to serve somebody. Choose to follow after the wrong side, and you are part of the problem, or choose to do the right thing, and be part of the solution. I wish I could tell you the what and the why of it but I can't. What I know simply put is, all of these huge problems are bigger than any person, and as the Lord said, If you will humble yourself and pray to me I will heal your land. And that my friend is a promise from the highest authority.     

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Naval Analyses: HISTORY #4: Age of Sail largest warships

Naval Analyses: HISTORY #4: Age of Sail largest warships: Compiled information from Wikipedia articles by D-Mitch In the previous post I included a number of infographics of various types of wa...

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Tested Truths: What Tomorrow

Tested Truths: What Tomorrow:   One thing we have all learned together, is how insignificant we all are, and how that life can change on a dime, most often, with little ...

What Tomorrow

  One thing we have all learned together, is how insignificant we all are, and how that life can change on a dime, most often, with little if any notice, certainly without our control.  Here on earth, we are now very much aware that there is an invisible life that runs along side of and parallel to our own. And we also know that though we are both part of something bigger, they are no more aware of us than we are of them. During this time of waiting, we grow impatient, but impatient for what? Your job? many of us identify with our job. We identify as whatever it is that we do for a living. Most look forward to returning to work as the way to support ourselves and our family, and though that is true for all of us, the truly blessed among us look forward to returning full time to their jobs because they love what they do. No matter if your job seems tedious, or, it is something you find rewarding and actually enjoy what you do, returning to our job is paramount in returning to a new normal. Like everything else in this country, it is our people who have the last word as to who we will be after this scourge has gone. Has the sobering aspect of considering your own mortality, and that of who we choose to be brought a new way of thinking to you, or will you just pick up your old biases and allow the political types to again control who and what we are. 

  Other than the loss of life, the saddest aspect of this virus scare is that there are actually people among us who root for the virus, for these see political gain to be made from horror. There should be a word to describe such as these, being the ultimate self centered, spoiled rotten, uncaring, incapable of love, you see what I mean? There should be an ultimate word for the ultimate selfishness that sums up accurately the pure evil that are these types. Imagine, we often talk of alien life forms being out there somewhere, and here they are living all around us. Microscopic life that is smaller than small, and with telescopes we search the enormity of space, we set up huge listening devices to hear of another life form. There is a life form in space, this one too is invisible, and this one exists both in the vastness of the cosmos, and right here along side us on good old mother earth. This of course is the Spirit world, the world of both eternal death and eternal life. Its funny when you think of it. All this time and money spent throughout history searching for aliens, and all this time, the aliens are ourselves.   

Monday, April 27, 2020

Tested Truths: Emergence

Tested Truths: Emergence:   As each one of us emerges from the exile of our own private bunkers, it should be very interesting to see how we fared singly as well as ...


  As each one of us emerges from the exile of our own private bunkers, it should be very interesting to see how we fared singly as well as corporately. Who will come out into the outside world, as a better you, a you who appreciates what we have already gone through, and looks forward to making our world a better one. Has our isolation made us a better person, or do we emerge more selfish than ever? Being retired, I'm used to being alone, and you would think, all the more adjusted than the rest. The only change I've noticed in myself is possibly I got lazier, and stopped writing as much. So far, I would say, So far so good, whatever that means? We have much to be proud of, as we have come through the first wave of this two pronged attack sane, together, and with as little death as possible, especially because the communist Chinese government lied and tried to cover the disease up. Had they acted as good global citizens and came clean immediately, thousands of lives could have been saved. 

  But now we enter the second and quite probably the more deadly of this two pronged attack. How do we pay for the billions spent and yet to be spent, that undoubtedly saved so many lives. Again, if we except the importance of getting our economy up and running quickly with the same mature attitude which we used to get the health of the populace under control, we will beat that too. The key, as was with the medical aspect of this threat, we must be willing to give up some comforts, keeping always in mind that together as one people, we can not only get back what was lost, but have our economy be even better than it was before this scourge came on us seemingly out of nowhere.. 

  I believe that now that we have had this respite of a kind, and the extreme act of shutting down the greatest economic engine shut down, that we can bring it back in reasonable stages, not just content to get back to some sort of reality, but that this be a new and improved economy and be better than ever. What I'm trying to say is that if we heed well the lessons learned medically, follow the experts. But also, to change those aspects of the old economy which made life and business harder for most, and impossible for some. At the risk of suggesting something that couldn't work and sounding foolish. I would love to see the banking industry more accessible to more small businesses and upstarts. As a small builder, I would love to see the old saving and loan banks return. That is just one idea, but the over all plan is to return to simpler times, when you didn't need a team of lawyers and engineers to get a minor subdivision approved. In short, to have our fast paced, rule and legislation bound way of doing business turn to simpler ways. In my mind, simpler is better, and we can rebuild our new powerhouse economy from the ground up. What better foundation than our people united as one, a people who see the wisdom in success breeding success, and knowing that raising water makes all boats rise. 

Be smart America, be smart and let no politician divide us so that we are so easily controlled. Let no one divide us, and keep in mind always that this is our country, OURS, we the people. 

There are already those who look to use this extraordinary crises for their own selfish gain. If we are to make it all the way back and better, we must rid ourselves of the politicians such as these in November. If your not part of the solution, your part of the problem.